Daily Diving

Snorkeling trips:

Duration: From 8:00 to 16:00.

– Daily snorkeling trips in different direction in Red Sea with our guides every day and two locations at least  if you have never snorkeling on the sea before.

Included:  lunch and Soft Drinks

Transfer:  from and to the hotel

Your first experience of floating over a coral reef surrounded by many colorful fish unforgeable. You do not need to be strong or fit swimmer to enjoy snorkeling. Floating in the sea off In addition, spend the day with other people from divers and snorkelers. Our snorkeling day in Sea World Dive Club includes snorkeling equipment, snorkeling guides, hot lunch, coffee, tea, and water, etc.


Try scuba Diving – Discover scuba diving


As you did not dive before. We can take you out to scuba diving under the supervision of one of our experienced and friendly instructors. Learn how to dive in Sea World Dive Club, there is a fun and safe day out waiting for you. Discover scuba diving: one-day boat trip includes, scuba diving equipment, try one or more dive. With one of our instructors, lunch, drinks on the boat, also hotel transfers. 

As a complete beginner, we can take you straight out for diving either from the beach or the boat. One of our experienced instructors will brief you how to use the scuba equipment. Begin by breathing in the shallow water. When you are comfortable, you will be taken on a tour around of the coral reef.

Come and join us for a fun and safe day of scuba diving on the Red Sea.  Minimum age is 10 years and no limit upper age as long as you are in good health.

Coral & Wreck Diving (SS Thistlegorm)

(Certified Divers)

For a certified divers looking for fun day out at the Red Sea best dive sites. Sea World Dive Club operates diving trips every day to the coral diving or wreck diving together with relaxing boat journey.

Includes Transfers from to the hotel with hot lunch and soft drinks. . We choose the best location each day after assessing the environmental conditions and the requirements of our guests.

We have success to four diving boats fully equipped with diving and safety equipment. The boat usually stops at three locations for all levels as well as snorkelers do. Here at Sea World Dive Club you will meet our friendly and very experience team of diving instructors and dive crew to make your day more comfortable and enjoyable one.

Snorkeling and scuba diving combination

   Add a little more fun to your day by combining your snorkeling trip with the first try dive.

You will still be on the same boat with your family or friends and they will be snorkeling at the same time, the same location of your try to dive. Our instructor will demonstrate and let you practice breathing through your scuba equipment, while you still on the boat. At the dive site, our instructor will take you into a shallow water area to complete a few basic skills when you are comfortable with these skills, 

He will take you on a tour of the coral reef around 20 min and maximum depth of 6 meters. After the first stop, boat will move to another location where you will be able to snorkeling with the group.

 Then the lunch on the boat, after lunch the boat will move to the third stop where everyone can swim and enjoy snorkeling one more time.

Dahab: (Snorkeling)

Every day join one of the best spots in South Saini enjoy magical desert, camel riding, snorkeling in blue hole and city tour

Transfers from and to hotel

Starts 8:00 Ends 17:00             Lunch Included

Dahab (Diving) Only Certified Divers at least (Advanced)

Abu Galum National Park (only certified Divers)

Organize with our reservation so we can define the best availability for your requirements. 

Ras Mohmed by Bus (half-day trip):-

 Starts 8:30 Am Ends 14:00

 Including Transfers, Ras Mohmed National Park Entrance Fees